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Staff / Administration

Academy Staff

Administration / Administración

Principal - Greg Markwith

Assistant Principal - Karen Bioski - Simon

10th/11th Grade Counselor - Carlos Gonzalez

9th/10th Grade Counselor - Gladys Dalmau

Main Office SecretaryMaria Ruiz


Support Staff / Empleados de Apoyo

After School Program Coordinator - Susy Dubon

Wellness Coordinator - Briana Visser

SF Bar School to College Coordinator - Alvaro Carvajal

Attendance Ambassador/Athletic DirectorBrendan McCarthy

Family Liaison - Roberto Peña

Dream Director - Eve King 

Campus Security - Robert Michel, Latonya Brooks, Lamar Williams, Cynthia Webb, Sierra Laiafa


Teachers / Maestros

Learning Specialists / Especialistas de Aprendizaje

Isaac Padreganda

Christl Perkins

Patricia Mott

Librarian - Micah Melton

Paraprofessionals - Roberta Lawrinsky, Lorriane Flores, Paula Rojas, Shelton Lo, Yue Lam, Nancy Alvarez

English Language Arts / Inglés

Ellie Williams

Claire Darby

Ali Olney

Annie Phan 

Mathematics / Matemáticas

Alma Velazquez

Benji Coleman - Levy

Justine Weng

Art / Artes

River Suh 

Ashley Smiley

Alma Velazquez

Physical Education / Educación Física

Ivan Moseman

Sciences / Ciéncias

Kate Magary

River Suh 

Social Sciences / Ciéncias Sociales

Pat Coghlan

Claire Darby

Annie Phan 

Erick Orihuela

Spanish / Español

Travon Bailey




Academy - SF Administrationm

Bioski-Simon, Karen Assistant Principal
Markwith, Greg Principal