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Who We Work With

Our Partners in Student Success

SF Bar Association (School to College) 


The SF Bar Association partners with the Academy on their School-To-College (STC) program.  The program is a yearlong high school mentoring and tutoring curriculum that inspires underserved and ethnically diverse students to attend college - an option many of these students never knew existed. The STC program provides guidance, insights and opportunity for student in grades 9-12.  Click here to learn more.


Eco SF

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The Academy has the unique opportunity  to partner with  Eco SF  to create an outdoor classroom space, organic garden, native plant nursery, and a potential learning  strand for the Academy’s outdoor education  program. This may include - social justice, sustainable living, and overall permaculture.   Kate Magaray, Academy Environmental Science teacher, partners with EcoSF to use the school farm as a classroom.  Click here to learn more.  


SF College Access Center (Japanese Community Youth Council)

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The San Francisco College Access Center (SFCAC) strives to provide culturally competent comprehensive college preparation information and assistance. SF College Access Center program targets students who are low-income and the first of their family to attend post-secondary educational programs.The SF College Access Center is a state funded program known as the California Student Opportunity and Access program (Cal-SOAP). Our services focus on coordination, enhancement, and collaboration. We work closely with local school districts and higher education institutions to provide students from low-income or disadvantaged backgrounds the college access and financial aid information they need to enroll into college. Since 2001, SFCAC has been an education program administered through the Japanese Community Youth Council, who also acts as its fiscal agent.  Click here to learn more.


YMCA ExCEL After-school Programs

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The overarching goal of the Academy of Arts and Sciences Afterschool Program is to help young students realize and achieve their full potentials while developing within them the skills they need to successfully transition into adulthood. To these ends, our program works to help students:

  1. Gain self-confidence and develop the courage they need to take risks.
  2. Develop critical thinking skills and competency about their own development.
  3. Cultivate a consciousness of individual self in society with active voices and opinions.
  4. Fulfill their potentials while developing ambition, life skills, and talents to take the through graduation and transition into post-secondary education and/or a vocational trade.  Click here for more information.


Community Works (ROOTS)

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ROOTS provides children of incarcerated parents with the support and tools to question and interrupt the intergenerational cycle of incarceration and violence. Using expressive arts, we provide a safe space for them to share and process their experiences, to make healthy choices, and to understand and analyze the circumstances of being a child of incarcerated parents, thus increasing their chances of succeeding at school socially and academically. The program helps them increase their self-awareness and positive self-image and allows them to belong to a caring community of youth facing similar issues.  Click here to explore their program.



The Future Project


The Future Project is a national campaign to empower young people to live extraordinary lives of passion and purpose. That so many young people never realize their infinite possibility is one of the most devastating realities of these times. But together we can – and must – change that. And while our country may not always feel like one team, this simple dream can be the one that unites us all.

CUESA (Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture)

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Schoolyard to Market, a youth development and entrepreneurship program, gives high school students the opportunity to grow produce and vegetable seedlings in their school gardens and sell them at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. Students learn about gardening, sustainability, and nutrition and gain valuable job skills in business, marketing and sales. We currently work with three public high schools in San Francisco.  Click here for more information.