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Staff / Administration

What Can You Expect From the Adults on Campus?

At The Academy - SF, our faculty & staff will all: 

  • Have respect for students
  • Seek to understand and inquire before assuming
  • Ask “What happened to you?” instead of “What did you do or why did you do it?” 
  • Engage in reflective practices regarding our work and continue to learn and improve
  • Have high expectations for student behavior and academics
  • Are "Warm Demanders" (see definition below)
  • Connect with and support students in and out of the classroom
  • Build positive relationships with students


*The Warm Demander approach involves teachers creating clear boundaries for students and demanding high performance from them, and at the same time providing support and encouragement in a very humanistic manner. To do so, teachers bring their authentic selves to the classroom and develop strong relationships with students in order to establish authority and set high expectations for the young people in their charge.


The Academy Faculty & Staff

Administration / Administración

Principal - Greg Markwith

Assistant Principal - Karen Bioski - Simon

10th/11th Grade Counselor - Carlos Gonzalez

9th/10th Grade Counselor - Gladys Dalmau

Main Office SecretaryMaria Ruiz


Support Staff / Empleados de Apoyo

After School Program Coordinator - Susy Dubon

Wellness Coordinator - Briana Visser

SF Bar School to College Coordinator - Alvaro Carvajal

Attendance Ambassador/Athletic DirectorBrendan McCarthy

Family Liaison - Roberto Peña

Dream Director - Eve King 

Campus Security - Robert Michel, Latonya Brooks, Cynthia Webb, Sierra Laiafa, Keith Jones


Teachers / Maestros

Learning Specialists / Especialistas de Aprendizaje

Isaac Padreganda

Christl Perkins

Patricia Mott

Timothy Hanley 

Librarian - Micah Melton

Paraprofessionals - Roberta Lawrinsky, Lorriane Flores, Paula Rojas, Yue Lam, Tessa Koning-Martinez

English Language Arts / Inglés

Ellie Williams

Claire Darby

Kayla Teese

Annie Phan 

Mathematics / Matemáticas

Alma Velazquez

Benji Coleman - Levy

Jaime Mancini

Art / Artes

Ashley Smiley

Alma Velazquez

Max Allbee

Physical Education / Educación Física

Ivan Moseman

Sciences / Ciéncias

Rajni Tibrewala

River Suh

Social Sciences / Ciéncias Sociales

Pat Coghlan

Claire Darby

Erick Orihuela

Health & College to Career/ Salud y Universidad a Carrera

Annie Phan

Spanish / Español

Andre Brito 

Max Allbee 

CCSF Partnership / Asociación con CCSF

Heather Smith 

Erick Orihuela 

Kayla Teese